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Thermovision measurements

With a thermovision camera, we identify thermal technical characteristics of enclosing shells of buildings and detect hidden defects of structures. The infrared camera is able to discover these failures with high precision, and we will advise you an effective remediation measure and subsequently inspect the contractor during its execution.

Thanks to thermovision measurement, the following may be detected or identified:

  • quality of a thermal-insulation system and the number of wall dowels for anchorage
  • places sensitive to allergenic mould formation
  • whether a structure has been reconstructed or otherwise modified
  • thermal insulation characteristics of a heat distribution system
  • leakage of a heat-carrying medium from underfloor heating (localization prevents the demolition of the whole system saving your investments in major repairs)
  • overheating of wiring and circuit breakers in swithboards (thus preventing outages and fires)
  • overheating of running electrical engines (prevention of outages)

Illustrative examples of thermovision images

  • chybejici_tepelna_izolace_strechy
  • nezateplena_atika_strechy
  • nezateplena_fasada_paneloveho_domu
  • podlahove_topeni
  • rozvody
  • rozvody_bez_izolace
  • rozvody_v_podlaze
  • tepelne_mosty_nezateplenych_panelovych_domu
  • tepelne_mosty_v_okoli_schodistoveho_traktu
  • tepelne_uniky_fasadou
  • tepelny_most_pod_oknem
  • tepelny_most_v_podkrovi
  • tepelny_unik_fasadou
  • unik_vody_z_rozvodu


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